Newsletter are vital for effective Content Marketing Strategy

Six ways to Make Your Newsletter Stand Out From the Crowd

Every business follows a content marketing strategy but only few strategies like newsletters turnout to be powerful and handy.

These days people are spending so much time in their inboxes; you have a chance to make a big influence. However, more emails can also lead to declining attention spans. But you do not want your newsletter to be thrashed from the inboxes before they’re opened or read! Right?

No doubt, there are ample of newsletter formats on the Web, but we want only those that really resonate with the readers/subscribers. Do you want to break-through the deluge of emails that amble in your subscribers’ inboxes?

A well-researched newsletter not only educates its audience but also provides the latest trends easier and in an utmost interactive way.

We will show you how to produce a newsletter that will keep your subscribers hooked. Whether you want to update your existing newsletter or are exploring concepts for your first one, these practices are sure to help your newsletter standout in your subscriber’s inbox?


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Promotional Mailers received in writer’s inbox

⇒ Providing value-added information to readers. The inbox is a valued space whatsoever information is shared with your subscriber. The content of the newsletter should be worthy.

Certainly, a newsletter has to be error-free but providing actionable & supportive material to readers is imperative. The brownie point is when you provide valuable information/ knowledge to your subscribers through newsletter and that truly adds value to their learnings.

The ultimate goal is to build a connection with your subscribers with remarkable content instead of pushing your product or service relentlessly.

⇒ Be open to healthy dialogue. Start a discussion with your subscribers/followers, and let them reply. Try to identify your follower/subscriber’s expectations.

In this way, you will not only keep your followers happy with these interactions but their responses will be fruitful for your venture too.

 If you want readers to continue your newsletter subscription, provide an engaging copy with an interactive design. What resonates with readers the most is a good quality and a well-designed newsletter.

Pictures compliments rather add value to your copy but they are just one of the elements of your design. Your priority is to make the newsletter scannable & readable, including bullet points & subheadings wherever there is a need for them. A clear call-to-actions make email newsletter easy and enjoyable.

It must include significant information, updates and make your reader aware of your brand. As mentioned, newsletters are a profitable medium to grow your business, so make best use of this channel!


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Email Newsletter of DigitInk

⇒ If ‘Content’ is King then ‘Design’ is Queen! Blend them suitably. As with any form of writing, make it a practice to include the most important information on top of your newsletter’s layout. Dwindling attention span means it is essential to include important information in the beginning, secondary details and other non-essential information come next.

Another intelligent way of drawing attention to your content is by breaking the copy into bullet points and paragraphs. In this way your message can be conveyed to readers without straining the eyes. In the end, the purpose of the newsletter is to make your copy scannable, engaging and informative.

⇒ Segmenting customer base is a brilliant way to make newsletters more effective. With this break-down, you can generate a list of clients based on exact parameters you set and then alter campaigns accordingly.

For instance, you want to aim at customers who have subscribed long back but have not returned after the purchase. In this case, you can make a list of these patrons and organize a campaign that will support sales conversion. Rewarding clients for their last purchase or encouraging them to inform their acquaintances about your product are a few of the methods you can adopt with a segmented list. Another method is to sort clienteles created on the basis of email behaviour (for e.g., who opened / did not open an email newsletter). In this way, each list could be treated differently either by enlightening them about your services, or incentivizing them to purchase with an exclusive offer.

By using your segmented clientele list effectively, you can witness RoI of your newsletter overtime.

Bring a personalised approach in your writing for a well-aware subscriber and not for a faceless/nameless individual. When your writings are target-oriented and specific to customer’s needs, it will automatically reflect on your content. Your copy will be engaging and compel readers to open your email newsletter.

In this way, a personalised approach towards your subscribers will make them feel important and connected to your products/services. It is one of the most effective ways to find success with email marketing overtime.

Consider these tips to write a concise and effective content for your Newsletter today!


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